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Friday, October 29, 2010

....That was def blogworthy.

Hello lovely readers,
So, last night after class, which was till dreadful 10pm, I sped to Fella's bands latest show. It was at the uber hip Sneaky Dee's on College and Bathurst. After arriving well past showtime, I caught the last song and an encore of Fella's band. As I shimmied through the metal heads, I met up with fellow blogger, SNMFASH and Classique Studios coworker/photographer, Tishan Baldeo. And, the lovely Katrina Sung, blogger, photographer. As the bands thrashed, I continuously looked out the window to check if my car was still there. You see, the show started at 10:10pm and I left York at 10pm.... so I was definitely rushing to make the last two songs and found myself running to SD's without paying for parking.
After Fella's set, I broke a $20 and made sure my new baby was still there. (Just got a new car last Saturday) After a smoke break with Tish we headed back up to see the last two remaining bands. Ash Lee Blade, and the historical metal band(members) of the night, Thor.

Bottom: Katrina and I, with Ash Lee Blade's D.D. Murley.

Ash, did his thang on stage and the band did their usual fantasmic job. But, then it was Thor's turn... and yeah. So, this is the juicy part. Thor, an older gentle-rocker from the 80s, did his thang. Switched from costume to costume as the night went on. But, at one point the stage was flooded with scantly glad women. One of the dancers... was exactly that a dancer....stripper to be exact. She was doing her thang, riskay with this crowd, but all good fun. Her moves were killer... you could def hear some male mouth-breathers gawk. At one point however, which Tish and I missed due to another smoke break, our fab dancer disrobed...just a little... on top. When we, Tish and I, returned I was confronted by Fella and his band mate Gram Reaper, that we missed quite the revealing. I thought revealing? What are they talking about? And then, I looked up to the stage and there she was, the fabulous sexy dancer, only in her jean shorts and boots... W---T---F?
After multiple doubletakes, Thor had his fill of the riskay-dancer, and kinda got her removed. Just off stage though, but she was kinda manhandled by the door bouncer.
All in all, an interesting night. And, before the revealing, the dancer did her thang wonderfully and made the band look pretty epic. It was very Mötley Crüe circa 87', the "Girls, Girls, Girls" stage. You should defs check out an article for the mag I wrote on them. One of my fav pieces. I'm not bias either! I love Fella, but damn a fella in a band def makes my knees quiver.

Brit S.


  1. Good read, entertaining.

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