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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Busy like a Bee.

Hello Lovelies,
How was your weekend? Mine was super busy. I couldn't find "blog-time" until now. So, Friday I had a lovely recuperation day with Momsy. We saw BURLESQUE! It was fabulous, I couldn't believe the goddess Cher still gots it! She is my new idol btw.

Friday Outfit: H&M Black Slouched Hat, Black Vera Wang Tights, D&G Tweed Jacket, Ralph Lauren Shirt, and Chanel quilted

Saturday, was my super busy day. It was a day long photo-shoot and interview day with I found myself even doing hair, makeup, and scene direction. Indeed, a long day to be had. I actually had the pleasure of meeting "Indigo Blu",a punk- rock girl group. These sensational divas were not only passionate about their craft, but were simply wonderful ladies to converse with. Also, I was able to meet the fabulous duo behind the celebrity styling house, PhillipEllis. The men behind the name, Junior and Dean, are celebrity stylists, designers, as well as head-to-toe dynamic divas. It was a first for me to interview men of their fabulousity, but I was able to control my giddiness and excitement.

 Indigo Blu

Saturday Outfit: Red American Apparel Dress, Black Knee-Highs, Black Pointy-Toe Aldo Flats

Sunday, was a morning of rest and my official Fella day. We had a night of funnies at Absolute Comedy, while adding in some "xoxoxo(s)". Then we headed to the movies to see Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal's new movie, Love & Other Drugs. Believe me, the nudity makes up for the lack of storyline. Bring on the TnA! All in all, a fabulously tiring weekend.

PS: Here's a pic from Indie Love Radio event. Fella and I just being our usual superstar selves. :)

xo B.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Indie Love Radio... Play It!

Hello Lovely People,
How was your weekend? I definitely can't complain!
 <Kendal Thompson

Friday night was spent at the RockPile in Etobicoke, where I saw the AWESOME Tiger Star and Sonic Shock! They were on fire I must say :)                      
Saturday night was equally amazing! I was                                              
invited along side Fella, and the Tigers to Indie Love Radio's
The Revolution of Radio 2010 VIP Gala Party at The Gibson Showroom.
It was amazing! Walls covered in classic guitars, movie posters, and awards. Now, I've been there once before for a private showing for the musical talent Bobby Long and Kendal Thompson, straight from England- who by chance is actually great friends with the handsome Robert Pattinson. So, this famous Gibson Showroom had its share of Hollywood highlights.
Anywho, the event was quite great. Indie Canadian talent, which is what Indie Love Radio is all about. It was a very CANADIAN experience. I love my roots <3
                                                                        Bobby Long

Attire> News Print Guess dress, Studded Vegas Uggs, and A.B.S. Fur Collared Jacket

xo B.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pass Me A Frocktail

Hi Lovelies,
I hope everyone's weekend was successful! Mine defs was.
Auction Dresses

I was honored to attend the second annual Frocktail Party this past Friday night for SNMFASH, at the ever so chic King West’s 99 Sudbury Class Factory loft. The crowd was dressed to the nines in an assortment of colours and sparkle, and not only able to shop but savor delicious hors d’oeuvres by Oliver and Bonacini and relish romantic mixed cocktails by Svedka, or a classic beer by Labatt. The highlight of my night was meeting the quaint creators of Greta Constantine, Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong, of Project Runway Canada. The ever so fabulous Greta Constantine designers and several other Canadian loves, donated racks of their frocks to the silent auction, which helped to raise proceeds for the events charity JDRF, Juvenile Diabetics Research Foundation. 
Greta Constantine: Kirk Pickersgill, Stephen Wong, and I

DJ Johnny Hockin of MTV Canada

Wearing: Purple Dolce & Gabbana party frock, YSL purse, white-tweed crop jacket,  skull and bones Hello Kitty necklace.

The event was separated into two rooms, one full of frockalicious designs for the silent auction, and the other pumping with tunes by DJ Johnny Hockin of MTV Canada. In the social party room, the crowd could gab over a polish change at the OPI nail tables, or a quick hair curl at the Schwarzkopf chairs. And, we must not forget that this night would not have been possible without the beautiful organizers of my night out: Catherine Pringle, Talor Wallace, Christina Perreault, Lorraine Forster, Jen Foster, and Ali Reid. With hors d’oeurves, drinks, and pocketbooks in hand, the ladies of the crowd could feel bliss about buying yet another party dress with 100% of the proceeds going to JDRF.

Saturday was also a pleasure in my books. I attending the Centurion members only comedy event showing John Leguizamo's latest comedy act. It was fantastic! I couldn't stop laughing to tell you the truth. He is hilarious. The show told a story about John's journey as an actor from his migration to New York from Columbia with his family, to where he is now as an actor. After the show, the fam and I also got to attend the "meet and greet." Where we got to do a mini photo-op and autograph session. I was ecstatic!
                                    Mr. Leguizamo and I after the show.
Wearing my fav fox fur and leather jacket:,
leopard corset: WINNERS, and studded sincher
belt: SIRENS.


xo B.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Medieval Tale in Toronto.

Hello Lovelies,
I hope everyone's weekend was as silly as mine? Wells, it's update time.
Friday after a personal hibernation, and getting the IPHONE 4 (!!!), I've literally been waiting since May for, Fella and I went see Megamind, it was hillarious! I love Will Ferrel. He is just so witty and fun and yes, I gush for him. And, of course I was the loudest laugher in all of the cinema, I simply can't help it! I love to laugh. Fella, always amused by my antics lightly taps my hand when my laugh hits overkill... sarcastic bugger... haha. After the film, I headed home for a night of wine with the fam.

Me with the beautiful and super sexy Susan Mihaichuk designer of the night.

Me with the wonderfully talented Shamus.

Saturday, the real excitement begins. Dressed in a tight black corset number with leopard fo fur jacket from when I was 8, a vintage Sammy if you will, pointed toe black calf length boots, and Tibetan aqua tiger tooth necklace to finish the edgier look; Fella and I headed to hit my Saturday Night Toronto fashion event: Susie's Sewing Presents ...HELLOWEEN ART SHOW AND PERFORMANCES at El Macambo, the historical tavern that hosted events for Marilyn Monroe and even Canada's own music legends RUSH. The event began with Fella and I meeting up with Tishan Baldeo, then entering the historical venue. Upstairs was edgy, goth-ie, and definitely Wonderland for Fella and I. My outfit however, fit in perfectly. There were people scattered everywhere, some in Goth's best, and some in Metal's best, so I was very much amused fashion chatting with fellow good-lookers. After buying a see-through shawl, and feather number, for ONLY $5 a piece, by Ikaris Gothic: Alternative Clothing and Accessories, the show began. Susan Mihaichuk's medieval inspired costumes and fetish gear had viewers panting and well, sweating at how sexy the ensembles actually were. I myself would def enjoy one of her mini Victorian dresses for a night out in Toronto, it's playful enough to work a lavish Elizabethan night out. Oh, and I must mention the stunning Susan in a mermaid structured tiger print evening gown with a PVC choker. After the fabulously fun fashion show Fella, Tish, and I had an early leave where Tish dropped us off at my car, and Fella and I enjoyed some late night fun.

All lovely Medieval Designs by the beautiful Susan
Mihaichuk <3
xo B.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Weekend... Drunks & Musique.

Hello Ghouls and Gals,
I hope everyone's Halloween weekend was one to remember, because mine was definitely different than last year's house party. Saturday night Fella and I decided to treat ourselves for some wine and Rickard's Red at a local Toronto pub, Smokey Joe's. Surprisingly, yes we were surprised, there was a Halloween costume contest going on. We, of course, did not dress up, we're too cool for school/participation. Anywho, The winners ended up being Mario and Lady Gaga. As the competition was being held, I snuck away for a quick ciggie, when I was verbally attacked by and angry Grecian Goddess and very solemn Austin Powers. She spazzed to me, her audience, about not winning the costume competition which she didn't even place in."Fuck Lady Gaga!" She was constantly preaching... Personally, I love the Gaga, and the girl's costume was epic. But, you know, angry drunks who smoke and talk with their hands are dangerous on soooo many levels. As Austin popped back inside, I was stuck outside with the venting Goddess. She pulled sooo much crap out of her "Angry Files" that I found myself nodding and mentally asking "How does that make you feel?" First, her daughter in grade 7 dressed as Little Red Riding Hood who killed the wolf, and would've won the school costume contest if one was ACTUALLY held. Second, she just turned 30, and was too old to try out for So You Think You Can Dance Canada. I had the pleasure of meeting Blake McGrath, but sharing that info with a pre-pre-menopausal drunker wouldn't exactly help my situation, so I passed up the opportunity. And lastly, she vented about some spider earring she lost as a child, which was her mothers. Mama issues... Before she could reach problem number four, I escaped with the help of her "newer" friends who commented on her costume. You had to see me, I literally ducked to get back into the bar out of site.
Blake McGrath and I at the GOTSTYLE: Naked Brief Event

Fella was sitting alone for 20 minutes, waiting for me... so I vented the venting session I had already been apart of. He simply said, "That's why I don't talk to people." One drink later, on my behalf cause crazy Goddess lady totally crushed my buzz, Fella and I returned to the Tiger Maison and had a personal session of trick or treat.

Sunday Night, actual Halloween, after prepping at at home dressed like a MADMEN secretary Fella and I headed to meet fellow Headbangers Halloween @ Bovine w/ Diemonds, Midnight Malice, and the fantasmic Sonic Shock! I actually had the pleasure of buying SS merch last night from Kc Slade a guitarist of SS, who proudly handed me a Hell to Pay tee! The night was pleasurable, starting with an awesome Sonic Shock performance including THE BEST cow bell, who doesn't like cow bell really. And ending with classic SS songs like, Hell to Pay. Next was Midnight Malice, they were pretty excellent. I've heard them a few times, but last night was definitely a noteworthy performance. And I could tell that the fans were enjoying themselves due to the ecstatic bombardment of fans at the mouth of the stage. Lastly, the finale of the night Diemonds, decked in KISS attire. I'm a major KISS fan so I definitely appreciated the metal-twist. The Diemonds' members took on the faces of the great knights in Satan's service! Two songs later Fella and I had to bail due to an earrrrrrllly 8:30am class for Fella. And, I was DD of the night. Lame I know, but I was still recovering from drinking the Grecian Goddess' pains away the previous night.

Brit S.