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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Busy like a Bee.

Hello Lovelies,
How was your weekend? Mine was super busy. I couldn't find "blog-time" until now. So, Friday I had a lovely recuperation day with Momsy. We saw BURLESQUE! It was fabulous, I couldn't believe the goddess Cher still gots it! She is my new idol btw.

Friday Outfit: H&M Black Slouched Hat, Black Vera Wang Tights, D&G Tweed Jacket, Ralph Lauren Shirt, and Chanel quilted

Saturday, was my super busy day. It was a day long photo-shoot and interview day with I found myself even doing hair, makeup, and scene direction. Indeed, a long day to be had. I actually had the pleasure of meeting "Indigo Blu",a punk- rock girl group. These sensational divas were not only passionate about their craft, but were simply wonderful ladies to converse with. Also, I was able to meet the fabulous duo behind the celebrity styling house, PhillipEllis. The men behind the name, Junior and Dean, are celebrity stylists, designers, as well as head-to-toe dynamic divas. It was a first for me to interview men of their fabulousity, but I was able to control my giddiness and excitement.

 Indigo Blu

Saturday Outfit: Red American Apparel Dress, Black Knee-Highs, Black Pointy-Toe Aldo Flats

Sunday, was a morning of rest and my official Fella day. We had a night of funnies at Absolute Comedy, while adding in some "xoxoxo(s)". Then we headed to the movies to see Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal's new movie, Love & Other Drugs. Believe me, the nudity makes up for the lack of storyline. Bring on the TnA! All in all, a fabulously tiring weekend.

PS: Here's a pic from Indie Love Radio event. Fella and I just being our usual superstar selves. :)

xo B.

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