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Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Weekend... Drunks & Musique.

Hello Ghouls and Gals,
I hope everyone's Halloween weekend was one to remember, because mine was definitely different than last year's house party. Saturday night Fella and I decided to treat ourselves for some wine and Rickard's Red at a local Toronto pub, Smokey Joe's. Surprisingly, yes we were surprised, there was a Halloween costume contest going on. We, of course, did not dress up, we're too cool for school/participation. Anywho, The winners ended up being Mario and Lady Gaga. As the competition was being held, I snuck away for a quick ciggie, when I was verbally attacked by and angry Grecian Goddess and very solemn Austin Powers. She spazzed to me, her audience, about not winning the costume competition which she didn't even place in."Fuck Lady Gaga!" She was constantly preaching... Personally, I love the Gaga, and the girl's costume was epic. But, you know, angry drunks who smoke and talk with their hands are dangerous on soooo many levels. As Austin popped back inside, I was stuck outside with the venting Goddess. She pulled sooo much crap out of her "Angry Files" that I found myself nodding and mentally asking "How does that make you feel?" First, her daughter in grade 7 dressed as Little Red Riding Hood who killed the wolf, and would've won the school costume contest if one was ACTUALLY held. Second, she just turned 30, and was too old to try out for So You Think You Can Dance Canada. I had the pleasure of meeting Blake McGrath, but sharing that info with a pre-pre-menopausal drunker wouldn't exactly help my situation, so I passed up the opportunity. And lastly, she vented about some spider earring she lost as a child, which was her mothers. Mama issues... Before she could reach problem number four, I escaped with the help of her "newer" friends who commented on her costume. You had to see me, I literally ducked to get back into the bar out of site.
Blake McGrath and I at the GOTSTYLE: Naked Brief Event

Fella was sitting alone for 20 minutes, waiting for me... so I vented the venting session I had already been apart of. He simply said, "That's why I don't talk to people." One drink later, on my behalf cause crazy Goddess lady totally crushed my buzz, Fella and I returned to the Tiger Maison and had a personal session of trick or treat.

Sunday Night, actual Halloween, after prepping at at home dressed like a MADMEN secretary Fella and I headed to meet fellow Headbangers Halloween @ Bovine w/ Diemonds, Midnight Malice, and the fantasmic Sonic Shock! I actually had the pleasure of buying SS merch last night from Kc Slade a guitarist of SS, who proudly handed me a Hell to Pay tee! The night was pleasurable, starting with an awesome Sonic Shock performance including THE BEST cow bell, who doesn't like cow bell really. And ending with classic SS songs like, Hell to Pay. Next was Midnight Malice, they were pretty excellent. I've heard them a few times, but last night was definitely a noteworthy performance. And I could tell that the fans were enjoying themselves due to the ecstatic bombardment of fans at the mouth of the stage. Lastly, the finale of the night Diemonds, decked in KISS attire. I'm a major KISS fan so I definitely appreciated the metal-twist. The Diemonds' members took on the faces of the great knights in Satan's service! Two songs later Fella and I had to bail due to an earrrrrrllly 8:30am class for Fella. And, I was DD of the night. Lame I know, but I was still recovering from drinking the Grecian Goddess' pains away the previous night.

Brit S.

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