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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Indie Love Radio... Play It!

Hello Lovely People,
How was your weekend? I definitely can't complain!
 <Kendal Thompson

Friday night was spent at the RockPile in Etobicoke, where I saw the AWESOME Tiger Star and Sonic Shock! They were on fire I must say :)                      
Saturday night was equally amazing! I was                                              
invited along side Fella, and the Tigers to Indie Love Radio's
The Revolution of Radio 2010 VIP Gala Party at The Gibson Showroom.
It was amazing! Walls covered in classic guitars, movie posters, and awards. Now, I've been there once before for a private showing for the musical talent Bobby Long and Kendal Thompson, straight from England- who by chance is actually great friends with the handsome Robert Pattinson. So, this famous Gibson Showroom had its share of Hollywood highlights.
Anywho, the event was quite great. Indie Canadian talent, which is what Indie Love Radio is all about. It was a very CANADIAN experience. I love my roots <3
                                                                        Bobby Long

Attire> News Print Guess dress, Studded Vegas Uggs, and A.B.S. Fur Collared Jacket

xo B.

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