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Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Medieval Tale in Toronto.

Hello Lovelies,
I hope everyone's weekend was as silly as mine? Wells, it's update time.
Friday after a personal hibernation, and getting the IPHONE 4 (!!!), I've literally been waiting since May for, Fella and I went see Megamind, it was hillarious! I love Will Ferrel. He is just so witty and fun and yes, I gush for him. And, of course I was the loudest laugher in all of the cinema, I simply can't help it! I love to laugh. Fella, always amused by my antics lightly taps my hand when my laugh hits overkill... sarcastic bugger... haha. After the film, I headed home for a night of wine with the fam.

Me with the beautiful and super sexy Susan Mihaichuk designer of the night.

Me with the wonderfully talented Shamus.

Saturday, the real excitement begins. Dressed in a tight black corset number with leopard fo fur jacket from when I was 8, a vintage Sammy if you will, pointed toe black calf length boots, and Tibetan aqua tiger tooth necklace to finish the edgier look; Fella and I headed to hit my Saturday Night Toronto fashion event: Susie's Sewing Presents ...HELLOWEEN ART SHOW AND PERFORMANCES at El Macambo, the historical tavern that hosted events for Marilyn Monroe and even Canada's own music legends RUSH. The event began with Fella and I meeting up with Tishan Baldeo, then entering the historical venue. Upstairs was edgy, goth-ie, and definitely Wonderland for Fella and I. My outfit however, fit in perfectly. There were people scattered everywhere, some in Goth's best, and some in Metal's best, so I was very much amused fashion chatting with fellow good-lookers. After buying a see-through shawl, and feather number, for ONLY $5 a piece, by Ikaris Gothic: Alternative Clothing and Accessories, the show began. Susan Mihaichuk's medieval inspired costumes and fetish gear had viewers panting and well, sweating at how sexy the ensembles actually were. I myself would def enjoy one of her mini Victorian dresses for a night out in Toronto, it's playful enough to work a lavish Elizabethan night out. Oh, and I must mention the stunning Susan in a mermaid structured tiger print evening gown with a PVC choker. After the fabulously fun fashion show Fella, Tish, and I had an early leave where Tish dropped us off at my car, and Fella and I enjoyed some late night fun.

All lovely Medieval Designs by the beautiful Susan
Mihaichuk <3
xo B.