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Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas is all around me.

Hello Lovelies!
What a weekend, how was yours? I hope it was wonderfully entertaining like mine :)
Friday afternoon I had the pleasure of attending Tish's Christmas Dinner and Party, he's my pal as well as SNMFASH photographer. Fun times were only completed by a lovely turkey contribution from his momsy. After the party, Tish and I headed to a show at the Hard Luck Bar in Toronto.

^At Nutcracker- Free People Turtle-neck Dress, cow boy studded booties, Faux- Fur leopard jacket

Saturday was a lovely recovery day in which I slept well past noon. And, after a lovely late-late-late- breakfast with fella at Frans, I headed back out to dinner and movie with long time gal pal, Kat Chau. She is new to my blog, but I know you'll love her.... she's pretty divine. We had a lovely sushi dinner, then headed to see Tangled at AMC. Now, I did not really know what to expect from this movie however, I was pleasantly surprised... and I cried. A ball of emotions I'll tell ya. But, all in all, a sweet Disney production.
 Miss Chau and I at our '08 Prom

I attending the 5:30pm showing of The Nutcracker at The National Ballet of Canada. It was beautiful, and the crowd was adorable as well. The fashion on the children was more impressive than that of their mommies. A mix of ages filled the seats, which had my momsy and I oohing and awing. I was also happy to begin the night with a $12 glass of champagne... yes I enjoyed my most expensive drink ever, haha. Now ACT I, was a bit shaky and sloppy in my books. Some minor muckups that added up... But, ACT II was phenomenal. A pleasure to the eyes, as well as my girlish heart. The scenery with had a ginormous golden Russian egg, an assortment of tutus, cling-ful tights, and childish giggles throughout the crowd as a chef-child ran through the stage being chased by a chicken. It was lovely.... <3
 Lobby, slowly filling up.
 Momsy and I after a glass of champagne
 Motley Crue Nutcracker? Haha, Tommy Lee watch out.
 I love piggies.
 I Love My MOMSY.

xo B.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Greta Constantine!

Hello Lovelies,
I had the pleasure of being invited to Greta Constantine's Sample Sale today! And, how wonderful it was to see the fabulous twosomes studio! I bought two lovely items which came up to $80 (silk jacket and satin shorts), very amazing. So here are some lovely behind the scenes studio pics and my lovely new jacket.

xo B.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nina Arsenault & Amazing Finds.

Hello Lovelies!
Friday night Fella and I went to see the amazing Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis ballet movie, Black Swan. IT WAS RIVETING. I was literally gasping, not simply at the beauty of cinematography, but to the essence of the film. Guys, I'm telling you, you have to see this film! Also to add to the night of fun I attended the Lavish&Squalor Trunkshow, which was very fantastic. I bought 3 lovely new necklaces from local Toronto designer foe and dear.

<Adorable Patricia Field Flower and Jimmy Choo Dress.
Saturday night I went to see the beautiful, gorgeous, goddess, Nina Arsenault for an exam resource. Her performance at Buddies In Bad Times, was amazing: Silicone Diaries <3. This is the excerpt from my essay just analyzing how fantastically Miss Arsenault defines gender:
            Nina Arsenault’s autobiographical one-woman show examines and dissects Arsenault’s own interpretation of what she defines herself as; a transsexual woman. Through more than sixty surgeries, Arsenault configures her identity within the body and casing of an old self, her as a biological man. She describes what it means to be and look like a biological female as “Fishy.” This term is one she introduces to the audience as the definition of the female gender within the eyes of a transsexual. The goal therefore, is to look “Fishy” and the most possible “Fishy” there is in a crowd of biological and transsexual women. Arsenault describes, “the boy holes vanish[ing]” as her new self takes shape, finally after years of unhappiness, emerging. After her “orchi,” another new term introduced to the audience defined as an orchidectomy and castration of her male self, Arsenault becomes the women she was always meant to be. The imagery of silicone implants opening the show, being magnified resembles water and a suffocation of  Arsenault’s desired self drowning within her male body. The implants being dissected symbolize her own surgery and the hands inside her body filling her with silicone to help her become the “perfect man made depiction of woman, Aphrodite, that she has hanging in her room reflecting within her vanity mirror”. Arsenault’s definition of a biological woman is “Fishy,” meaning any person who feels like a woman, simply is a woman and with the help of a scalpel and a few thousand dollars, can become the desired person they have always wanted to be. 

PS: to add to the excitement of my Saturday night, I went to WINNERS, the most amazing store in the world, and found CHANEL boots!!! In my size, it was meant to beeeeeee!

xo B.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Favorite Things.

Hi Lovelies,
So, like my idol Oprah, I've decided to try helping some lost fellas, moms, dads, brothers, sisters, friends etc, who need a little help finding perfect gifts for all to enjoy, at of course, reasonable prices. Countess Crystal Necklace $38.83 Fatale Platform Boot $294 Mongolian Her Bag $253.41 Velvet Crusher Peeptoe $141.01 Halston Heritage: Deep V Cocktail Dress $227.50 Deluxe Fragrance Sampler For Her $50 tarte- Jewelry Box $52 Phi- Knitted leggings $156.25 Y-3 -Hammered leather wallet $63 See by ChloĆ©- Sheep-intarsia wool-blend scarf $81 Malene Birger Piaf linen-blend long scarf $40.50 Kenneth Jay Lane- Painted enamel bangle $30 Antik Batik- Hackney Suede Booties $386.40 Holt Renfrew Private Label- Men's zippered 100% cashmere sweater in assorted colours, $195 each A Lovelly Design- Sweet Peas in a Pod Necklace (2, 3, or 4 peas- pick your color) $24 Williams-Sonoma Christmas ornament $24.95 Urban Outfitters Russian Nesting Doll Necklace $10 Urban Outfitters' Glass Parlor Box $12

Merry Christmas and Happy Shoppings <3

xo B.