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Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas is all around me.

Hello Lovelies!
What a weekend, how was yours? I hope it was wonderfully entertaining like mine :)
Friday afternoon I had the pleasure of attending Tish's Christmas Dinner and Party, he's my pal as well as SNMFASH photographer. Fun times were only completed by a lovely turkey contribution from his momsy. After the party, Tish and I headed to a show at the Hard Luck Bar in Toronto.

^At Nutcracker- Free People Turtle-neck Dress, cow boy studded booties, Faux- Fur leopard jacket

Saturday was a lovely recovery day in which I slept well past noon. And, after a lovely late-late-late- breakfast with fella at Frans, I headed back out to dinner and movie with long time gal pal, Kat Chau. She is new to my blog, but I know you'll love her.... she's pretty divine. We had a lovely sushi dinner, then headed to see Tangled at AMC. Now, I did not really know what to expect from this movie however, I was pleasantly surprised... and I cried. A ball of emotions I'll tell ya. But, all in all, a sweet Disney production.
 Miss Chau and I at our '08 Prom

I attending the 5:30pm showing of The Nutcracker at The National Ballet of Canada. It was beautiful, and the crowd was adorable as well. The fashion on the children was more impressive than that of their mommies. A mix of ages filled the seats, which had my momsy and I oohing and awing. I was also happy to begin the night with a $12 glass of champagne... yes I enjoyed my most expensive drink ever, haha. Now ACT I, was a bit shaky and sloppy in my books. Some minor muckups that added up... But, ACT II was phenomenal. A pleasure to the eyes, as well as my girlish heart. The scenery with had a ginormous golden Russian egg, an assortment of tutus, cling-ful tights, and childish giggles throughout the crowd as a chef-child ran through the stage being chased by a chicken. It was lovely.... <3
 Lobby, slowly filling up.
 Momsy and I after a glass of champagne
 Motley Crue Nutcracker? Haha, Tommy Lee watch out.
 I love piggies.
 I Love My MOMSY.

xo B.

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