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Monday, January 31, 2011

Hamilton's Glamfest

Hello Hello,
I hope all you lovely readers had an eventful and/or relaxing weekend :)
Well, Friday night was something out of the ordinary. I found myself in Hamilton, about and 40 minutes to an hour outside of Toronto. It was not my first time or anything, but Hamilton on a Friday night is not my usual go-to haha. Anywho, the pround Tiger Star supporter that I am, drove down to root for the band that truly has powers to bring a crowd a live. I know what you're thinking, I must be involved with one of the members therefore I am bias, haha, well that may be true, but I got to tell ya, the band was deffinately on fire Friday. The opening act was "Black Magick Fox, a 3 person band, kinda indie, kinda cool, raspy and had a beat that you found your head and foot following without a thought. Hmm, I could not help but think of The White Stripes.
Next, was Tiger Star, the band geared up, Fella added like several more symbols and I think more toms to the kit on stage, (he's super addicted to being surrounded by drums... I think he might have a substance abuse problem).
Once the tigers wrapped up the stage was revealed to having zebra print accents on the wooden levels. I was kinda shocked, not by the revealing, but by the final band of the night AMOUR. After a ciggy break outside with a past member, I found out the band used to be under another name and opened for Steppenwolf and used to be a KISS tribute band. All of which was useful to know when I saw the band. They definitely had a KISS-esk appeal. These rockers have been in the Toronto metal scene for a while, and I think it was about time I see what everyone was talking about. They had big hair, makeup, sequence, and a variety of animal print. If you even have the opportunity to see the band, DO IT! You'll def get a bang for your buck.

Outfit of the night: Burning Desire Dress
D&G Tweed Jacket
N.Y.L.A. Studded Cowboy Boots

xo B.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Don't Get Aggressive, Get Aggressor.

Hello Gorgeous!
I hope all you lovely readers had a fantastic and relaxing weekend. Mine was pretty alright I must say. Saturday night I had the pleasure of accompanying Fella, as well as Tiger Star, to Saturday Night Screamer: AGGRESSOR w/Ash Lee Blade and Midnight Malice. The bands were amazing and truly fun to watch. Aggressor, the leader of the night actually opened to the Lion King soundtrack. Something quite avant-garde however, it really got the metal heads revving. A good end to a fun night. Anywho, here are just a few pixs from the night.
 Ash of Ash Lee Blade
 Aggressor taking on a KISS appeal <3

Outfit of the night: Olive green pencil skirt, leopard corset, and beautifully done bombshell hair.
Again, inspired by the 50s and Mad Men.

PS: My articles from last weeks photo-shoot are up on

xo B.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Hello Lovely Readers,
This Saturday SNMFash had one of our tediously fun photoshoots for a Gospel singer Joyce and Sculpture(r) Levi.
The shoot and interview went splendidly and once everything is finito I shall post it and give you lovelies the link to check out our work on Here are some fun pixs that our the photo-guru, Tishan Baldeo, put together to preview.
Now, I've been watching quite a bit of MAD MEN, and I have become obsessed with the characters, costumery, and 50s fashion. It is wonderfully sexy and classic with a hit of neurosis. Anywho, I have dedicated my wardrobe to the show and costume designer Janie Bryant, and thus I leave you with some pixs of my 50s inspired outfit and my "Mad Men."
 Bowen Mei of Izura

 Doing my thang with Levi

 Amanda Blair Roberson (FaceArtist), I, and Sarah of SNMFASH (PR)
Doing some touch-ups on Joyce
xo B.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Keeping Up With the Sammys

 Just Got on Board!!!
 Our Room.

 Some of the most interesting purses I've ever seen.

 Gucci store on St. Thomas

 I Just Had to Try on The Princess Di Ring<3 ($35,000)

 Glass Blowing Center on TOP DECK.

 Momsy and I on New Years

xo B.