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Monday, January 24, 2011

Don't Get Aggressive, Get Aggressor.

Hello Gorgeous!
I hope all you lovely readers had a fantastic and relaxing weekend. Mine was pretty alright I must say. Saturday night I had the pleasure of accompanying Fella, as well as Tiger Star, to Saturday Night Screamer: AGGRESSOR w/Ash Lee Blade and Midnight Malice. The bands were amazing and truly fun to watch. Aggressor, the leader of the night actually opened to the Lion King soundtrack. Something quite avant-garde however, it really got the metal heads revving. A good end to a fun night. Anywho, here are just a few pixs from the night.
 Ash of Ash Lee Blade
 Aggressor taking on a KISS appeal <3

Outfit of the night: Olive green pencil skirt, leopard corset, and beautifully done bombshell hair.
Again, inspired by the 50s and Mad Men.

PS: My articles from last weeks photo-shoot are up on

xo B.

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