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Monday, January 31, 2011

Hamilton's Glamfest

Hello Hello,
I hope all you lovely readers had an eventful and/or relaxing weekend :)
Well, Friday night was something out of the ordinary. I found myself in Hamilton, about and 40 minutes to an hour outside of Toronto. It was not my first time or anything, but Hamilton on a Friday night is not my usual go-to haha. Anywho, the pround Tiger Star supporter that I am, drove down to root for the band that truly has powers to bring a crowd a live. I know what you're thinking, I must be involved with one of the members therefore I am bias, haha, well that may be true, but I got to tell ya, the band was deffinately on fire Friday. The opening act was "Black Magick Fox, a 3 person band, kinda indie, kinda cool, raspy and had a beat that you found your head and foot following without a thought. Hmm, I could not help but think of The White Stripes.
Next, was Tiger Star, the band geared up, Fella added like several more symbols and I think more toms to the kit on stage, (he's super addicted to being surrounded by drums... I think he might have a substance abuse problem).
Once the tigers wrapped up the stage was revealed to having zebra print accents on the wooden levels. I was kinda shocked, not by the revealing, but by the final band of the night AMOUR. After a ciggy break outside with a past member, I found out the band used to be under another name and opened for Steppenwolf and used to be a KISS tribute band. All of which was useful to know when I saw the band. They definitely had a KISS-esk appeal. These rockers have been in the Toronto metal scene for a while, and I think it was about time I see what everyone was talking about. They had big hair, makeup, sequence, and a variety of animal print. If you even have the opportunity to see the band, DO IT! You'll def get a bang for your buck.

Outfit of the night: Burning Desire Dress
D&G Tweed Jacket
N.Y.L.A. Studded Cowboy Boots

xo B.

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