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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Hello Lovely Readers,
This Saturday SNMFash had one of our tediously fun photoshoots for a Gospel singer Joyce and Sculpture(r) Levi.
The shoot and interview went splendidly and once everything is finito I shall post it and give you lovelies the link to check out our work on Here are some fun pixs that our the photo-guru, Tishan Baldeo, put together to preview.
Now, I've been watching quite a bit of MAD MEN, and I have become obsessed with the characters, costumery, and 50s fashion. It is wonderfully sexy and classic with a hit of neurosis. Anywho, I have dedicated my wardrobe to the show and costume designer Janie Bryant, and thus I leave you with some pixs of my 50s inspired outfit and my "Mad Men."
 Bowen Mei of Izura

 Doing my thang with Levi

 Amanda Blair Roberson (FaceArtist), I, and Sarah of SNMFASH (PR)
Doing some touch-ups on Joyce
xo B.

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