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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Burning Fortune CD Release Party.

Hello Fantabulous Readers,
How was your Friday night? I hope it was a good time, cause mine was definately one to remember. Tiger Star, Flying Fortress, and Diemonds, all bands from Toronto's Heavy Metal Scene, had the pleasure of opening for CAULDRON. Now, this was not an ordinary show, it was actually Cauldron's cd release party for their new album, "Burning Fortune."
The Cauldron aesthetic is very simple, 80s, talent, and good looking charismatic men on stage. From the heavy -vocaled lead singer and bassist, Jason Decay, to the guitar man with a very viral threading capacity, Ian Chains, to the ever so humble and recklessly sporadic drummer, Chris Steve, who even had Fella, the drummer of Tiger Star, awed by his talent; the band was insane and the crowd only wanting more. I know this because I actually bought a Cauldron tee thus, I'm a fan for life now. It was a great show for Tiger Star to be included in because Cauldron is such a popular and nostalgically aestheticized band in Toronto's Heavy Metal scene, they literally have fans from coast to coast.
What I like about the Metal scene is how the bands support, or try to support, each other. Yes, coming out to see a band on a whim cause another band is playing is one thing, but actually rooting, clapping, and tapping your foot to the beat of their songs that they put time and effort into is another. So, attitude and sass aside, be cool and just give into the talent. Like, Flying Fortress has two members and yet, they performed like a five member band! You just gotta give it up for dudes who love what they do, and aren't scared to scream it into a mic.
The thing I adore about the Toronto Metal Scene is the fashion. Yes, it's "fashion talk" time. These rocker-chic individuals follow the 'leather is best' code, which I adore! Everyone at the metal events, even if they deny it, take time to put together their outfit(s) for the night. From studded cowboy boots, and cut-off logo tees, to tasseled and bedazzled leather jackets, the crowd always looks the part. In fact, I literally buy items to specifically wear to Metal nights. It's a habit not, an addiction really, to be oh-so-chic, because the crowd does notice. I'm pretty sure if you don't look the part you're going to stand out, so hipsters who think it's cool to hang out with the studded and blooded, beware. Yes, you do get sized up and down, sometimes complimented, and always checked-out but hey, it's rock 'n 'roll baby, if you can't stand the heat... bugger off.

Outfit of the Night:
Fox-Fur collared leather jacket
Rabbit Fur mocasins
Black Tights
Forever 21- Union Jack Punk Tee

xo B.

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