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Friday, February 25, 2011

Covergirl, Put the Bass in Your Walk.

Hello Lovelies,
I hope everyone has had a fantastic week and those of you whom are lovely university students, I do hope reading week was full of R&R. I must say, I've been busy these last few days with photo-shoots up the wazoo! So, here is a back-stage pass to some of IZURA's work this past week! Also, IZURA is the new name that the crew and I will be working under. The company IZURA Productions was actually created by Bowen Mei, I've mentioned him once or twice in past posts. The company was started a little while back before any of us, the crew, actually knew one another. So, it's great to combine families and share the business, haha.
Roles: Myself- Hair Stylist, Amanda Blair Roberson- MUA, Tishan Baldeo & Bowen Mei- Photographers
 Me trying to model... trying oh so hard. Haha.
 Amanda doing her thang above and below.
 These pics are featuring the beautiful little woman, SKYE. She is divine as is her hair and makeup.
 Behind the scenes shoot with Terry He, pop-icon and handsome devil.

 Jayson Araja & Yusun Kang, the fabulous designers, and model- Sarah Lipsit.
Behind the Scenes shoot for Jason's line.
 I'm just trying to reach the Glamazon's hair, let alone tidy it up. Haha.
 Kevin, the photographer of the day doing his thang.
This shoot from today was actually my first time working with another photographer besides Tishan Baldeo and Bowen Mei. So, something different doesn't hurt, but I still have my favorites :)

Also, you dog lovers may be happy to hear that I now have a little 4 months old Yorkie named Georgie. He's a doll and a lot of fun! So, if you lovelies have any hints or just helpful reminders for me to train this new pup I'd love to read them.
 Fella holding little Georgie.
Let's just say it together, awww.
xo B.

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