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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Good Morning Valentine.

Hello Lovely Readers,
Here's an article I wrote for Futureale Online Magazine that did not make the final Febuary cut, but I hope you do enjoy.

Good Morning Valentine.
            Valentine’s day celebrations do not have to suffice to a simple night of fun. Begin the lavish celebrations as soon as you wake up. It’s a synch to plan a romantic filled morning that both you and your sweetie can enjoy, from breakfast in bed, to a romance filled snuggle with morning coffees in hand.

10 Valentine’s Day Date ideas before noon:
1-Yummies In Bed
Breakfast in bed is always the perfect starter for a romance filled morning. What’s better than your significant other preparing your favorite breakfast dish from chocolate chip pancakes with strawberry heart toppings, to a hearty omelet of fresh veggies and a side of fruit. The perfect breakfast not only has you feeling like a master in the kitchen, but your companion feeling full, and ready to show you just how much they appreciate this lovely gesture.

2-Couples Shower
Romance is not only possible with the typical candlelit bathtub and bubbles, it can certainly happen during your morning regime. Have your lovely V-Day partner join you in a sensually close shower for two. What ever happens behind the shower curtains is up to you…

3-I Wanna Hold Your Hand
Sometimes nothing is better than the crisp February air. So, grab you favorite hat, mittens, and scarf, and of course your partner’s hand, and go for a romantic stroll through your local park. Not only does this gift give you some couple only time, but it offers you a morning alternative to really get your heart rate moving… In two ways rather than one.

4-A Little Snuggle with the Morning Brew
Who says you have to get busy in order to spend time together. Nothing is more romantic than a snuggle in bed with your lovely partner. So, set aside the morning paper, and just climb back into bed with your sweetheart’s and your favorite morning brew. From tea to coffee, there is nothing better then a warm sensation in your comfy nirvana, and the brews not bad either.

5-Wake Up to a Pleasant Surprise
This pleasant surprise is not gift wrapped or costly, it’s fabulously sensual, and is bound to stimulate a few vibrations. A morning body massage is something so simple, yet it can deliver so many messages on your behalf. It’s a fantastic way to wake up, and show a loved one exactly how much you love them from head to toe.

6-Gift Scavenger Hunt
Not only is it a fun way to tease your V-Day partner but it’s a great way to show how much you deeply want to impress them. Now, I know it’s not a competition on V-Day to show how much time you spent planning, however this is an easy gesture, that looks like it took days to arrange. Now, use either a lovely poem to help your partner find their gift, or rose pedal trails also do the trick. Do not forget to keep it interesting, have a few dead ends on the tail that can help in the gift mystery, but be sure to make it simple enough for your sweetie, you do not want to bore them first thing in the morning.

7-Wake Up to Your Musical Love
This little gesture can definitely begin your partner’s day on the right note. Instead of waking up to the usually tunes on the radio or news, plan a head and create a “favorites” cd or playlist for your sweetie. Nothing like waking up to the oldies, or a familiar favorite, set the alarm to play their favs as well as yours.

8-Commemorate Your Morning With Romantic Pics in Bed
“Oh la la, hunnie you’re such a stunner!” Are the first words you should spill in the morning, and to top off such an eccentric statement, you can also begin an annual V-Day album commemorating your holiday together. Snap pics in bed, pics brushing your teeth, even pics of your love eating your romantically laid out breakfast plate. V-Day is the perfect opportunity to allow your freak flag to fly, and be a cheesy cupid.

9-Poetic Love
This one may be a bit extravagant for some of you readers, but nothing like a good challenge to really mix up the original V-Day Routine. Get your romantic vocab flowing on paper. “Roses are red, “ is the typical go to for poetic beginners, but maybe go outside of the usual. Research the greats a bit, love letters and poetry, are possibly one in the same. Look to Shakespeare, Lord Byron, even Robert Frost, to really get your “vo-mantical” juices flowing. Poems or a love letter in the morning read out loud or under your sweetie’s pillow, might just hit the right spot. 

10-Romantic Morning Movie
Who says you even need to leave bed before noon? Have the favorites on standby and simply press play. Either snuggling on the couch or in bed, sometimes it’s nice to just pop in a favorite movie, and snuggle to the familiar giggles of a comedy, or awes of a romance filled classic.

xo B.

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