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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Princess Diana Ring.

Hello Loves,
I hope your weekends were swell and that the weather did not stop you from enjoying everything the weekend has to offer.
On my fabulous newly jeweled hand, I have recently received an early valentines day gift from my momsy (can you believe she still does this) and all I can say is YAYAYAYA! My gift inspired by the upcoming royal wedding (April 29th) between the ever so handsome Prince William and beautifully natural Kate Middleton, is the late Lady Di's (Princess Diana's) gorgeous heirloom engagement ring from Prince Charles. The original oval sapphire and diamond beauty is something every girl, woman, mother etc. wishes for and now I have my very own for a mere $39.99 from The Shopping Channel. If you can remmeber back to "Keeping Up With The Sammys'" I was so thrilled to try on another replica estimated at about $35,000... real sapphires, diamonds, and all. Anywho, I absolutely love my "Lady Di' Ring" and I forever will! Love you MOMSY.

xo B.


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