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Thursday, March 3, 2011


Hello Hello,
I hope you lovely readers are feeling fine, and have had a great week thus far. I've definitely had an interesting end to my week... For a side project away from IZURA, I had the pleasure of working with some familiar faces, and a new photographer Kevin Jaiden Chow. He's a riot, and pretty sassy, so it was another fun shoot. Amanada Blair Roberson, the MUA of the shoot, was able to borrow a python from a local pet shop, and well... we just had to have a snake inspired shoot because of it, right? Well, I hope you all do enjoy the behind the scene shots.
Additional Lovelies: Hair- done by myself, Model- Sarah Lipsit
 Love, love, love her! Sucha Cutie.
 Me and Snakey just smooching a bit.
 Sarah being a creeper.
 Like my new hat?
 Like his new cupcake?

Outfit of the day: ModClot- In Com-Pleat Accord Dress

xo B.