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Thursday, March 31, 2011

TORONO: LGFW- LG Fashion Week

Hello Hello,
I hope everyone's week is going well, my definitely is. I have had the pleasure of attending Toronto's LG Fashion Week on behalf of, the online fashion magazine that I write for. It's been great diving into the scene and really seeing the fashionistas crowding to be let in to the runway. Because of school I've really had to pick and choose which shows to attend, however classes are now finito and I'm able to really put all my energy into attending the shows. As I was saying before, the crowd is extremely savvy and primped to the point that people seem unapproachable. There is a bit of an air in some attitudes i find, however everyone lines up and has to be let in, in the same area, sooo HAHA, we're all equal fashion savvy people. Also, I learned that  manners are not necessary because we have to really push through to get where you want to be. Oh, and fabulously enough, i have a media pass so Tishan, SNMFASH photographer, and I get to squeeze in first through the crowd and onto the runway! Anywho, enough of my blabbering, it's silly cell phone picture time.

 Wearing: Vintage Jacket, Pink Tartan Dress, Gucci Shoes, Chanel Purse
 Media Lounge
Designer Duds for Sale :)

Show #1: IZMA

Yes, I actaully got to meet Adrian Mainella backstage :)
The collection was fur-licious, I left gleaming, and very hungry to add a piece to my collection.

Day 2:

Show #2: Comrags

Show #3: Attitude By: Jay Manuel

 Attitude was a fantastic line. It was modern, but still obviously influenced by the 50s and 60s. Very MAD MEN-esk. I loved it, and I love that the prices are affordable and that the line can be found at The Bay!

Show #3: David Dixon

 Joy Tanner: actress from Life with Derek and Skins (USA)

David's 2011 collection was ANIMALISTIC! It was colourful, fun, Africa, and just the most cultured and diversified collection of the week thus far. I loved it.
He also started the show with a tribute for his mother who passed away in 2006. It was beautiful, but a little heart wrenching... it was hard not to get teary eyed.
Gucci jacket, Free People Dress, Chanel Boots

Day 3:
Outfit: Esprit jacket, Burberry Men's dress shirt, AA tights, Chanel Purse, and Free People Boots

More Pictures to come from Tish!
Don't worry, they're better quality than my cell haha.

xo B.

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