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Monday, April 4, 2011

Last Day--> TORONO: LGFW- LG Fashion Week

Hello Lovelies,
Fashion week is now over and I'm a little sad inside. The week was fantastic and I loved the experience as a media tycoon. Sitting with the rest of media... It's really an eye opener on how the industry works. It's very much "The Devil Wears Prada"-esk. But, in return you do get perks: freebies, pictures, meeting famous people and designers. I love this industry!!! And, I not only feel like I did a days work, but I enjoyed doing it! No complaints on this end. I had a revelation too and decided to buy my blog's domain! If you notice, look at the web address ribbon and the 'minus' of 
Anywho darlings, I hope all is well on your ends and enjoy the last few pics of LGFW. AND, tell me what you think :)

 Second ROW   :)
 More from IZMA: Photos by :Tishan Baldeo

 Tish doing his thang. CHECK OUT HIS LENS!



 Outfit: Carrie inspired crinalin tutu skirt, D&G jacket, KISS tee, Town Shoes- Red Boots

Backstage with LINE KNITWEAR 
xo B.

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