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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Rural Habitat.

Hello Lovelies,
I am super excited to show you all the finished products and behind the scene shots from my shoot today. It was definitely on my favorites list simply because I loved everyone apart of the shoot. It was fantastically sought up my Amanda Blair Roberson, the MUA and stylist of the shoot. She found the fantastic area and brought a new favvvv model of mine, Kass Gray, who is from Elmer Olsen Models!!! The photographer was also someone very special to me, Danny Nguyen; you might remember him from the Alice in Wonderland Shoot. It was super fantastic and a lot of fun. I hope you all enjoy these fantastic pics.
xo B.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Red Dress.

Hello Lovelies,
I hope everyone is taking in the sun fun! I sure am; I love just sitting outside and feeling the rays on my skin... with sunscreen of course... haha. Anywho, last week I did hair for a different kind of shoot. It was focused on one model Alicia Honey, and we hit a few locations- from the studio to Port Credit. The photographer of the day was Lucio F, and the MUA was my fantastic friend Amanda Blair Roberson. Here are so lovely behind the scene shots. Tell us what you think!
Lastly, here is Amanda's duck... Her new besty.
xo B.

Monday, June 20, 2011

JS Co.: Makes you feel like Miss America 2011

Hello All,
I hope you're all enjoying the lovely weather and mini vacations. I've actually rekindled some relationships with past pals from High School, nostalgic I know, and one of my ol' pals, Joe Suh- had just informed me of some great new products out in the 'internet-market'. These lovely body, beauty, and life essentials come with JS Co.'s personal vendetta, "JS Company is dedicated to providing you with one of the best online experiences possible. We know you'll be thrilled with the quality and variety of our exclusive products that are available." So, if any of you lovelies feel the urge to shop like Miss America 2011, who  is the ambassador for 'Artistry', take a look at the site and all the goodies.

ARTISTRY® Spring 2011 Trend Lip Colour

JS Co.
Use the following info to order some great products at great prices:
IBO# is 6140942 and IBO key is SUH

Note: you will need these codes to register to get products; there's a 180 day satisfaction; and free shipping with purchases over $100!

xo B.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kelly Cutrone.

Hello Lovelies,
I know I've been very MIA for like... a month. And for that all I have to say is,'s summer time. But, yes... it's back to work now. I have much to update you on, and for that I shall put out several different entries for you guys. Well, this entry is dedicated to the PR guru, insightful divine diva, and personal role model, Kelly Cutrone. Most of you know her from reality tv: The Hills, The City, Kell on Earth, but for those who know THEEEE fashion world you know Kelly through "People's Revolution", a PR company for the creative and popular from NYC and LA. She is amazing, and wrote two novels so far: If you Have to Cry, Go Outside and Normal Gets you Nowhere. Both novels uses Kelly's own life lessons and insights as examples and possible guidelines for any 'type' of person. I think anyone who needs a mentor, that is in deed of insight, or that simply wants to be entertained; should definitely purchase these treasures. Now, here are the goodies, pictures from her book signing at Indigo- at Toronto's Eaton Centre.
Outfit of the day: Kinda Kelly Inspired: D&G Blazer, Old Navy- Star Wars Tee, JBrand Jeggings, BiBa Purse and sandals I got in Paris.
xo B.