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Monday, June 20, 2011

JS Co.: Makes you feel like Miss America 2011

Hello All,
I hope you're all enjoying the lovely weather and mini vacations. I've actually rekindled some relationships with past pals from High School, nostalgic I know, and one of my ol' pals, Joe Suh- had just informed me of some great new products out in the 'internet-market'. These lovely body, beauty, and life essentials come with JS Co.'s personal vendetta, "JS Company is dedicated to providing you with one of the best online experiences possible. We know you'll be thrilled with the quality and variety of our exclusive products that are available." So, if any of you lovelies feel the urge to shop like Miss America 2011, who  is the ambassador for 'Artistry', take a look at the site and all the goodies.

ARTISTRY® Spring 2011 Trend Lip Colour

JS Co.
Use the following info to order some great products at great prices:
IBO# is 6140942 and IBO key is SUH

Note: you will need these codes to register to get products; there's a 180 day satisfaction; and free shipping with purchases over $100!

xo B.

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