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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bazaar Fun.

Hello Loves,
I hope everyone is having a great afternoon. I'm finding that time seems to fly these last few weeks due to many new projects: from my new internship, to the many side bar activities- life has been tre busy! BUT at a recent shoot in which I did hair and makeup for a lovely lady's IMPORT posters, I was able to flip through my fellow photog's inspirational bible- HARPER's BAZAAR and this months issue was simply divine- I took a picture of a few of my fav things within the mag- but this months is defs a must buy! At only $5.99 you're getting a Barbra Streisand madeover Jennifer Aniston, a mini "Bored to Death" comic, and shoes galore---- wearable art- how divine.
And- I can't wait till this hits the town---- DIOR NEW EYE SHADOW----akk I love it!
xo B.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hello Loves,
I think that it's only fair that I promote Toronto and all its wonderful attributes since I buzzed about NYC just a few days ago. I went on a renowned street shoot with the IZURA crew + Fella, and it was fantastic. We discovered all that Toronto had hidden away, and right in your face- not to mention we went to Center Island for kicks.... and a lighthouse.
I Hope you enjoy the pics, and tell us what you think- we love feedback. OH, and I was shooting with my fabulous D7000, yeah babay!

xo B.