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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gay Pride- Sashay Shante

Hello Pretty Lovelies,
I hope everyone had a fabulous long weekend, I sure had a fantastic one. I was happily spending Canada Day with family and friends, and also attended T.O. Pride festivities at the Gay Pride Parade. It was amazing and thrilling, and just a street party. I wish everyday could be as fun! I attended with a high school friend, Steph and her fantastic gal Ash, and met up with 2 parts of IZURA Productions, Tishan Baldeo and Amanda Blair Roberson. AND I had the pleasure of also hanging out with the cutest Asian boy in the world, David, and met a new beauty Diana. Because Mr. Baldeo cannot leave his work at home, I have the pleasure to showcase to you his wonderful pics from PRIDE. I hope you enjoy them. They are RISKAAAAY, and fun- soooo view at your own accord, haha.  

xo B.