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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chanel Suit.

Hello Loves,
I hope everyone is doing fabulously! I'm keeping busy with some very fabulous interests, and while reading a little bit of my bible- VOGUE, I came across a new Chanel ad which brought forward a dream of mine to own- a Chanel suit. I know you, the fashion conscious, have all heard about such a thing... it's up their with an Hermes Birken. So, in my awe state, I decided that this lovely item will soon (well maybe not soon) but hopefully enter my wardrobe at some point in my life. They're about $5000- and we all know that taxes will take that baby up to $6000 or more. While googling around I came across a very interesting Chanel timeline- on the sacred TIME Magazine U.S. website (written by Lauren Goldstein). So, here are a few historical pinpoints which I think Coco herself would approve of:

'36 TWEED INDEED Even though she was a snob, Chanel loved tweed. The fabric was cheap, but she used the Duke of Westminster's factory and lined the jacket in fur to up the cost--and the status.

'38 FITTING IN The stock-market crash changes everything: clothes become more formfitting and Chanel follows the trend, cutting her jackets with tight waists and full shoulders.

'55 SLOUCH CHIC The shrugged-on silhouette came from Coco's first big idea of taking a lover's sweater, cutting it down the front and sewing ribbon on the edging.

'60 COCO'S CLASSIC The contrasting-trim look emerges in 1955 and continues as a classic into the 1960s, when Chanel's suits become de rigueur for the ladies who lunch.

'66 THOROUGHLY MOD MADEMOISELLES Chanel detested miniskirts. She found the knees to be the most unattractive part of a woman's body and insisted that all skirts fall just below. Of course, in 1966, while Pierre Cardin and Paco Rabanne dominate the fashion headlines, Chanel can't stop guests at her haute couture show at the rue Cambon salon in Paris from displaying lots of leg. (The only woman pictured who isn't holding up the house's tweed tradition is Barbra Streisand, far left.)

'69 FLYIN' HIGH Model-actress Marisa Berenson wears a tweed suit (and has a pretty fabulous car), the ultimate symbol of status and wealth, circa 1969.

'70 LOST DECADE After Chanel's death in 1971, the studio is led by her former assistants. Cheryl Tiegs and Catherine Deneuve are hired to jazz things up, but it doesn't work.

'86 POWER look "Chanel established a look that is for our century what the two- and three-button suit is for men," Lagerfeld said in 1989. The tweed suit comes back into power in the '80s.

'90 HANG 10 Lagerfeld surfs past the competition by combining the language of Chanel with the patois of the street and cutting the jacket into surf-inspired shapes.

'95 COCO LOCO Lagerfeld appeals to rappers like TLC's late Lisa (Left Eye) Lopes, left, and Rozonda (Chilli) Thomas, who delight in the modern take on the Chanel jacket: the Windbreaker.

'96 I, CLAUDIA Just when the Gap thought it had cornered the market on cool, Claudia Schiffer--a longtime Lagerfeld favorite--stalks Chanel's runway in a pair of khakis.

'01 DETAILS, DETAILS Chanel was a nut about armholes, but she never felt she got them right. Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow take to Chanel's tiny tweed jackets at the turn of the century.

'03 GIRL WITH PEARLS As the fierce and flirtatious Elle Woods, Reese Witherspoon calls on the classics and brings big Chanel pearls to the big screen in Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde.

'03 HARD AND SOFT Nobody balances rigor and delicacy like Lagerfeld, who combines lightweight embroidered tweed suits with metallic boots for his fall 2003 couture collection.

NEW-LOOK LAGERFELD Just in time for his 20th anniversary at Chanel, Lagerfeld goes on a yearlong diet and gets thinner and thinner, dropping a total of 90 lbs.

I know you all didn't mind the minor history lesson. I'm just addicted to learning as much as possible about the great.

xo B.

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