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Friday, August 19, 2011

Sandy Days.

Hello Loves,
I hope everyone is having a fantastic week! I'm ending on a very high note. Yesterday I had a great IZURA shoot, we've haven't had many shoots this summer so it's nice to bring the crew together and do what we do best. The location was the Scarborough Bluffs- I know it's a bit of a reach- but it's the cleaner option of local beaches in the area. The day was bright and blue- so made for a great shoot!

Bowen was our videographer of the afternoon- and did a fantastic job! I can't wait to see what song he'll be choosing for the video- which I'll post for you all once I get it.

 Amanda was the MUA of the shoot- she made our model Erica, who is already super cute, extra cute!
 Her look was very soft, beachy, and sweet. It was in-tune with the sandy surroundings and overall feeling of our surrounds.

And, I did the hair for the shoot. I also leaned towards the beachy feel- messy hair, with strands whisked out. The second hair -do was a messy side braid which complimented the white crochade dress- very summery with a hippie edge.

Tishan Baldeo was our photographer of the afternoon. He of course was taking the pictures so we rarely get any pics of him, however- Bowen decided to climb the Safety Guard's Tower and get a great shot of the crew of the day- this time minus Bowen.

xo B.

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