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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Style Nine to Five: ‘The’ Fashion Career Database

Do you want a job in fashion, but feel that you need to be the one to sift through the expertise information and apply to your dream job or career? Or, do you crave the eyes of fashion savvy Canadian entrepreneurs to view your resume? Well, Christie Lohr of ‘the’ career search fashion website, Style Nine to Five, has got you covered.
           Christie Lohr (Photographer: Karolina Turek)

Christie Lohr, a past recruiter for a major fashion retailer, pondered to herself about what the Canadian fashion world really needs; and what she mustered up was a fashion only career site. She felt those who dream for a job or career in the fashion realm needed their own database, due to demand as well as expertise on this particular creative genre. Not only did she design this site for the dreamers, but also for those within the fashion empire who need those perfect candidates.  The site works both ways, which makes the idea so divine, and not only popular, but convenient. As a recruiter herself, Christie “understood the difficulties involved with recruiting, [and] having to screen hundreds of resumes on general websites,” thus the idea allowed those on both ends the opportunity to find their best fit.

As a budding fashion and business entrepreneur, Christie also allowed for her love of the fashion industry to scope her planes for the future. She nostalgically tells me about getting in trouble in grade 1 for wearing huge earrings and unconventional socks to school, which just goes to show how innovative Miss Lohr was from the get-go. From grade 1, to her Certificate in Fashion marketing from Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Vancouver, and her impressive 10+ years apart of the fashion industry, Christie has seen it all and transitioned from the sales floor, to store manager, to buyer, to fashion writer, then blogger, and now a viable owner of ‘the’ Canadian fashion career database, Style Nine to Five. Also, Miss Lohr acts as a Fahion Expert on her local TV station in Vancouver… Yup, she’s the complete package.

I decided to put business aside for a sec and get down to the nitty-gritty with the lovely Miss Lohr, so the questions arose, “How would you define your own style? What do you love to wear? [And,] who are your fashion role models?” Well, the impressive Miss Lohr obviously spilled and defined her style as a polished and comfortable look, with a pinch of femininity. An example being “pleated slouchy pants with an off-the-shoulder top and heels, [or possibly] skinnies with [an] oversized blouse.” And, when it comes to her ‘fashion role models’ Christie explains that she enjoys a mix of fashion divas, from Gwen Stefani to the cheeky Brit, Sienna Miller, as well as Whitney Port, who is also a personal favorite of yours’ truly.

As my questions come to an end, I always like to ask the conclusive and hopeful ‘futurist’ question, “What are your future goals for Style Nine to Five?” And, ending on a inspiring high note, Christie summed up her goals in one quaint reply, “To have the site packed with hundreds of jobs on a daily basis and to be the number #1 place for employers to post their jobs and for job seekers to search for jobs.” Now, that’s ‘fashion-business’.
xo B.

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