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Friday, September 30, 2011

The Next Edition 2011: We’re All In This Together

           On September 30th 2011, more than 400 students were brought together at the St. Lawrence Centre for the Performing Arts in Toronto to not only learn- but to have a great time with The Next Edition 2011. The Next Edition 2011 team designed this event for grade 10 high school students from across the GTA to make the students aware that they have a voice and have the resources to accomplish anything as long as they are inspired. Thus, the team wanted to bring forward the importance of teen involvement and enthusiasm through several different workshops throughout the day, which range from Environmental studies to HIV awareness. 
Lester B Pearson Student
Dewshane Williams
James Costa
             Before the Workshops started however- the team of The Next Edition 2011 brought forward the crowd pleasing MC of the morning Dan, and an elevating DJ battle. Next, came two great Canadian guest speakers: the first being actor, dancer, and rapper Dewshane Williams from “Being Erica”, and the second being James Costa who is a reigning Canadian designer, developer, creative director, content/marketing/social media strategist, keynote speaker, and DJ. Thereafter, the wondrous Showcase began which entertained, inspired, and even had a couple of students head up to the stage after the performance to pick the brains of the featured artists who ranged in creativity and medium: 

Jerome, Kadesha, and Cris
Tierra- Writer and Spoken Word Artist
Cris- Visual Artist
Igor- Pianist and Music Composer
Kadeem- Rapper, Songwriter and Creative Writer
Jerome- Dancer
Raquel-Dancer and Choreographer
Kadesha- Singer and Song Writer
Kadeem and Cris
Jerome and Igor
            The Next Edition 2011 team: Monique Habbib, Darcy Glynwilliams, Natasha Paolini, Stefanie Rico, Michelle Joseph, and Tawiah Beneben M’Carthy- along with all their dedicated volunteers, had the goal of inspiring the youth as well as educators to obtain “increased knowledge of their artistic skills, politics, global issues, governmental system, democratic right, and citizenship.” With a goal such as this- The Next Edition 2011 team not only had the future of the GTA listening intently to what is important for today- but also OUR future ambassadors, candidates, and mediators. 

 “The individuals as a unit make society prosper.”
Dewshane Williams
“The Next Edition (OpVoteNXE) is a youth led non-for-profit, unpartisan organization who believes in the power and potential of the youth population. Their mandate is to engage the unengaged youth, as well as utilize and cultivate the skills of the engaged youth. The team of young people came together to encourage youth between the ages of 14-30 to be non- apathetic, by finding creative ways to make politics, community involvement, and civic engagement interesting for young people. The team uses art and technology, the media, events, popular culture, and Canadian Pride to reach youth in a ‘real’ way.”
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