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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

LGFW 2011: Day 1

Hello Loves,
I hope everyone is having a fabulous fashion filled week like myself! Yes, it's that time again in Toronto where all the fashion conscious come out to play, and this year the tents are located at David Pecaut Square. Other that the parking issue, the location is fantastic! Now, this year I'm registered under INDUSTRY with the PR company I intern for- so not as many liberties as being under MEDIA. Next year I hope to be in MEDIA again, if anything just to avoid the lineups. Anywho, due to my school schedule I missed the first few shows- but luckily I arrived on time for Arthur Mendonca and Lala Berlin- PLUS I got to sit first and second row! So, that always makes me a happy camper. Anywho, here are some fantastic pics from the night- Tishan Baldeo will be sending me his from the week as well for a more professional view haha. Also, I had the pleasure of meeting and actually chatting with the beautiful Jully Black, and I got a cute shot of Stacey McKenzie.

Jully Black and I <3

Stacey McKenzie

Tishan Baldeo- and all his images are below:

Arthur Mendonca

Arthur Mendonca

Holt's Show

Holt's Menswear

Holt's Show

Holt's Show

Holt's Show

Lala Berlin

xo B.

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