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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Through the Field with Natalia Cuervo

            The intricacies of her work, Corvus, are not only show stopping, but would have any Arts major ask, ‘Could you teach me how to do that?’ My time with the creative Natalia Cuervo was one of great feats. Not only did we shoot on location in a field of industrial towers, but we also motored back to the photo guru, Tishan Baldeo’s studio for a quick interview. It was a lot of fashion-fun, which is as good as an apple a day.
Natalia with her lovely model Sarah
            Natalia’s love for design all began as a child sewing clothes for her dolls, and snatching extra material and fabric to create a little something special. And, after moving to Toronto from Columbia with her parents and attending the ever so posh Ryerson University for design, Natalia shows how far she has come from her mother’s scraps. The challenging and competitive nature of Ryerson only helped to strengthen Natalia’s technique as a designer. She explains, “You can make [the experience at Ryerson] as hard or as easy as you want it to be, because your [success and progress] is on you.” 
Coming from Columbia at age 14, helped to influence the spirited designer’s aesthetic. And, growing up around fellow artists in her family as well as the culture of Columbia allowed Natalia to constantly be surrounded by creativity; which keeps her craft close to home. Her innovative mind is also motivated by everyday variables, as well as from art history, technology & architecture, and science. Such attributes are very present in her weaving and sculpting of raw silk and different textiles. The designs from the shoot were more so inspired by turn of the century European art, and the life of each artist. Such pieces were also created to support Miss Cuervo in her application and second place win in “The Art of Fashion”: a competition which has been held for 10+ years that has designers apply their creations in summary and response of the competition’s picked theme of the year. Thus, after the theme is picked, the applicants have a few months to complete their deigns, and those applicants chosen to partake in the competition show their creations at Toronto’s art festival, “Scotiabank’s Nuit Blanche.” The creative Natalia won the opportunity to have the public choose her designs as “Best Exhibit”. Natalia has also strengthened her repertoire as a Canadian designer by partaking in Ryerson’s “Mass Exodus”, the graduating class fashion show, and at Toronto’s “Alternative Fashion Week.”
Natalia’s innovative mind, and I must say, eloquently spoken voice and pleasant attitude, shows to be as mighty of an attribution to her success as her technique and craft. Thus, it is undeniable that Cuervo’s future goals, “to own [her] own company [under her growing label] Corvus,” will inevitably lead to her to that fairytale ending.
Behind the Scenes: Amanda MUA, Sarah, Natalia, and I

 A past article I wrote about Natalia's behind the scene shoot can be found under: Behind the Scene Shots!

Designer: Natalia Cuervo
MUA: Amanda Blair Roberson
Hair: Brittany Sammy
Photographers: Tishan Baldeo and Bowen Mei
Models: Sarah Lipsit and Hannah B.

xo B.

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