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Sunday, October 2, 2011

TIFF Photog Profile: Andrea Chan

Andrea Chan and Jennifer Garner

            This 4th year Graphic Design OCAD student not only is a wiz on the computer, but a champion photographer when it comes to battling it out on the TIFF 2011 red carpet. Miss Chan has been attending the TIFF mosh- pits for about 2 years and loves every bit of it. Yes, it’s a battle royal along the fence but Chan was able to capture some amazing shots from Clive Owen, to Brangelina!

Clive Owen- Photography by: Andrea Chan
Brandelina- Photography by: Andrea Chan
             Now, I constantly bring up a ‘battle’ scenario and I can’t help but do it because when I asked Chan about the “competitive nature” in the photog-fan pit, she easily expressed that the scene gets “Insane[! And,] people push and don’t care if they squish you, just for a picture or an autograph.” She even allotted to the varying times that a celeb would actually show up, “I usually wait 2-3 hours and I get decent pictures and autographs; I’ve heard some people wait for 5+ hours- do they not have jobs/classes?” As I laughed at the sentiment I thought: “Gosh, 5+ hours that’s just insane!” But, I too hate putting in the man-hours and getting nothing in return; thus, I’d probably wait until I get my just desserts too. Nonetheless, 5+ hours is a bit much fans.

            So, after hearing the nitty-gritty I had to ask, why Chan does it? And, she made a very loyal point in saying, “[Well,] I usually pick spots against the barriers so I don’t need to push people- but, they [still] push me. And, [in reference to the stars,] I just appreciate their acting and seeing them in person is more exciting than seeing them in films!” I totally agree! And, shooting with her Nikon D5000 and telephoto lens doesn’t hurt.
            As the interview nears its end, I just had to ask for some fun essential details, “What were your favorite captions this year? And, do you have any tid- bits from your days to share?” Chan explained, that her “best quality was [Alexander Skarsgård who plays] ‘Eric Northman’ from Trueblood.” For this shot Chan used her telephoto lens for a great quality zoom. Also, she adds her “George Clooney and Ryan Gosling [shots] were sick as well!” Chan ends with saying, “I feel like a lot of people go to TIFF to brag about who they saw and whose autograph they got. Though, these people are nice and it’s nice to talk to them while you wait for hours... I’d rather not brag about things like that and just talk about the films that are showing or whatever.” This is a great synopsis, because it is true that some people do get wrapped up in their ‘accomplishments’ and find it necessary for everyone to know their business- however in Chan’s place I decided to do the bragging for her; the opportunity was simply too good to pass up!
Alexander Skarsgard- Photography by: Andrea Chan
Ryan Gosling- Photography by: Andrea Chan
George Clooney- Photography by: Andrea Chan
George Clooney- Photography by: Andrea Chan
George Clooney's Autograph- Photography by: Andrea Chan
Ryan Gosling- Photography by: Andrea Chan
            Ending, Chan has some helpful gestures to be aware and careful of, a warning for all you photogs and fans wanting to join the fun: “There are a lot of people, mostly big men, who push their way through to the celebs for autographs; I’m assuming they get paid for the autographs. And, it [gets] kind of scary when they push through, cause I’m positive I’d break a bone if one of them fell on me!” With a bit of a giggle, I can see where she’s coming from. I’ve at times seen the brutes on ET Canada and eTalk, and my mental note only has three letters, “O-M-G!”

xo B.

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