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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Nicole Maharaj's "The Beauties of Writing"

Hi Loves,
I hope everyone is doing fantastically! I have a little treat for you; my friend Nicole Maharaj wrote a wonderful article on blogs and I would love to share it with you. Enjoy! And, tell us what your think.

          For those who have spent the majority of their childhood and their teens indulging in books, whether they are romance, gothic, mystery or suspense, writing their own books is just the very next step. The beauty of writing is that you can craft your own worlds, worlds of magic, and angst. Where the princes save the day, and the princesses are normal people like you or me. 
As a child I spent most of my time going through all the books within both my library, and my school’s books. I found myself being drawn to the supernatural, to heroic quests, stories full of magic, of Kings and Queens, of magical worlds. Throwing myself into different worlds of mystery, magic and romance. Of mystical creatures and heroic quests.  By the age of thirteen I found myself writing my own stories, of knights of armor and runaway carriages.
 As I grew up I found myself delving into the gothic romance side of things, finally in my last year of high school I found myself sitting down and crafting my first novel, a story of a runaway prince, demons, a vengeful mother, and a foul murder. In the five years it took me to write the novel I learned more about creating dramatic characters and crafting different worlds by borrowing and taking from the people surrounding me.
The beauty of writing for so long is that you get a better understanding of your characters and what you want them to portray in the novel.  The writing process for me is one of reflection, I don’t just sit down and write, I see the story unfolding behind my eyes and I write it down as I see it. A lot of the writing I do comes from experience and what I want to portray in the book.
Not all writers are inspired by experience. “I get my inspiration from dreams, dreams at night, dreams with my eyes open,” said Jess Henderson, a fantasy writer.   The beauty of writing is that without fail you can always get another idea. The only bad thing about it is that without fail you will find yourself trying to figure out if there is a way to include your new idea with your old one.
In my experience I have found that in order to incorporate the ideas that I have, I need to create new characters and new stories within the main story to use the idea.  Jess also has trouble with the concept of getting new ideas in the middle of writing. “I always end up getting halfway through and getting a new idea. I try not to start something new, and try to finish what I’ve started first.” Henderson said. 
Writers for different genres have different ways of writing, as a gothic writer I use various models to display my story. My story takes place mainly in a modern city atmosphere, of the nightlife in the city, while also having some Victorian influences when I switch back to the world of Vemos, my fiction-made world, that in it’s own way is my take on hell.
On the other hand Henderson’s novels focuses mainly in time period of the 1600’s to the beginning of time (really early in the world), it is set more in the time of Horses and arrows, herbs and magic, shape shifters, cannibals, vampires and werewolves together and generally people who can control fire.  Henderson takes her inspiration from everywhere, something similar to me, because I also use the outside influences to push my writing along. Fantasy writers like gothic writers, make their own worlds. Worlds that have different creatures roaming around, different powers and beings. Humans in the story live different lives from the one we do. That’s the beauty of the written word; you can make your own world and rules that govern that world.
For writers one of the most important things for a writer to do is to create a fan base. For writers now in this generation the way writers do this, especially when they are now getting into the publishing scene is by blogging. Blogging has evolved from something that was used as something for people to let their feelings out on different topics of discussion, to a diverse social networking tool. Not only does it give you an outlet for expressing yourself but you can also use it to showcase some of your written work and to introduce, future works as well.
“I used to think blogs were silly, but it’s really more a way for people to write,” said Brittany Sammy a blogger for Le shopper: A britique, a fashion blog.  “I believe blogs are very necessary, you can get a lot of information from blogs,” said Sammy.  For me blogs are more a way for me to express my thoughts on things I watch on TV, Movies, and other things that happen in school and in my writing as well.

By: Nicole Maharaj

xoxo Brit.