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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Canadians Can Walk The Walk: Mercedes Benz’s Toronto Fashion Week

            Torontonians love fashion! And, that was definitively clear this year at David Pecaut Square’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week titled, The Canadian Catwalk (March 12- 16th). Toronto’s fashion week showcased amazing Fall/Winter looks and styles that would have any girl swooning. The space was very cheekily arranged in cool white, sleek black, and punches of pink adornments, which could be seen from the carpets to the drapings. These attributes offered a fresh backdrop for the stunning designs so sparkle upon. The top shows this week had to be Eva Chen Couture and LINE Knitwear’s Wednesday afternoon spots that not only brought is a fairly large crowd, but also had the Twittersphere buzzing from the beginning of the show till the end. The lines, no pun intended, were long and full of eager fashionistas and model loving socialites, reporters, and even fashion students. So, the peanut gallery was as important to the events as the clothing was in some respects. The designs however, stole the spotlight, because no one can argue with the innovative creations from Canada’s best. 
            Lights, camera, action was the Hollywood keynote for Eva Chen Couture’s Fall/Winter looks. I even heard gasps in the crowd from some of the peanut gallery commenting that that outfit would be great for Kate Middleton! I was happily surprised to hear that one, because the Princess herself is very found of Canadian designers. Plus, no one wears couture like the Duchess of Cambridge; and the headpieces alone screamed royal wedding. But, back to the amazing Chen who really embraced the season with whimsical headpieces and fitted jackets. The colour scheme was fresh and allowed for all skin and body types to try something new, structured, and girlishly sexy. The 50’s-esk silhouettes gave off a Parisian feel and the puffed sleeves and skirt embellishments allowed for whimsy to flow from head to toe. One main attribute that spoke through all of Chen’s pieces was fit. She was, may I say, a stickler for pristine shapes. I feel like she literally sculpted the body with her clothing and only included the most feminine of curves, which is comforting since the hourglass figure is so sensational. You could not help but think “Va Va Voom” when you set your eyes upon one of the ‘Sexy’ Suits or Feathered embellishes. Chen’s couture line was beautiful, sophisticated, and lent very nicely as a ‘fancier’ option to that of the casual and cool, LINE Knitwear.
            If you’re planning on a comfy yet chic Fall/Winter wardrobe, Line Knitwear’s cotton and leather collection is to die for. These organic materials will lend a limitless option to the timeless magnificent sweaters, jackets, and even shawls! They’re perfect for all ages, because who doesn’t like a Navajo print for our chilly Canadian weather. The wonderful designers, John Muscat and Jennifer Wells, have also created the most darling jeweled collars to add or subtract, as an accessory, to any outfit! This hails from the days of Doris Day, as a prominent 50s accessory. The knitwear, though modern, lends itself to the more lavish and funky of events with such collared embellishments, metallic imbedded knitting, and leather dresses. Not to mention, the wearability of the independent statement pieces. All one needs for Fall/Winter 2012 is a promising new sweater with Navajo stripes and Dada-esk patterns to be on top of their game, fashion-wise, for the upcoming chilly weather. And, for windy summer nights, nothing is better than a cozy knit to just throw on by the bonfire.
Combined, both shows present completely different spectrums of Canadian talent, however the 50s motif was definitely a classic and cool edge that both Eva Chen Couture and LINE Knitwear deemed the must have for Fall/Winter 2012. Such essential fitted dresses, and knitted throws will keep any Fall/Winter wardrobe happy, not to mention the pretty lady wearing the top items of the year. The visionary styles and comforting colour pallets allude to the classic appeals that both collections share and prove to be items that women from 18-50 will be GAGA for. Also, both lines offered unique items to splurge on like Chen’s feathered headpieces that allow any girl to feel like a princess, or Knitwear’s jeweled collar that gave a new name to neckwear.  So, if you want to do Fall/Winter 2012 right, embrace such ideas into your own wardrobe.


xo Brit Sammy.

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