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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

VIP Shopping: Is there anything better?

Hello Darlings,
          I have a very, very amazing gift for you! You're all invited (RSVP) to one of my favorite things in the world- a VIP shopping experience. I, along with many fashion forward lovelies, will be attending a once in a Torontonian lifetime shopping experience. One of my favorite Canadian designers, Rachel Sin, has invited me and you to RSVP and attending her sale with Sentaler and Roxx. These Canadian talents have created an event full of deals, refreshments, and of course FASHION! This coming SATURDAY MAY 26, 2012 (12- 6pm) at 555  RICHMOND ST. W, SUITE 110 in TORONTO, is the day to pull out your wallets and spend your hard earned dough on some amazing limited edition finds. So, join me and three amazing designers for THE shopping event of the summer! And, did I mention there will be bubbly :)
Designer Info:
Rachel Sin – cocktail and work appropriate dresses

Sentaler – line of Alpaca Coats, designer Bojana Sentaler
Roxx – line of jewellery, designer Bonnie Yam

xo Brit Sammy.

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