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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

i gotta say.

Hey Loves,
I gotta say, it feels really great to be writing again. These things happen, when you get busy- you really lose track of what kept you sane. I love to write and yet, I find that their is nothing truly fashion worthy for me to write about at the mo. I'm missing TFW (Toronto Fashion Week), very saddening. I went for the past 3 years with the crew of IZURA. Good times. 

At the moment, my Korean style is summed up by five things:
1) BIG HAIR- There is something in the water here. My hair has it's own orbit. I can dig it; it is fabulous after all. But, seriously- bigggg hair always makes me smile. And, the people around me are loving it. I've gone back to my ultimate hair lust- golden blonde highlights, light brown coverage, and hints of my natural dark brown. It's my favorite hair- to date!

2)  Oversized, and arm snipped ROCKER TEES- This is a must at the moment. It's a look that I first tried out when my lova was in a metal band. It's very 80s and always makes your feel sexy. Sure, my arms are in no way toned, but I'm still repping confidence- that's the key to this look. And, a little side boob/bra doesn't hurt either.

3) Leggingss for days- YES. Leggings are a stable for any zexy look. I know 'jean' ladies are not down with the leggings, but come on- it always makes your butt look out of this world! Plus, the over sized rocker tees add enough coverage that your don't feel too "in your face" with the big ol' rump. Black is my go to, but there is always deep grey, and light grey. I let my hair and tees be the adventurous part of my getup. 

4) Big Lips- Punches of color or hue, for you fashion savvy, is always reliable. When I don't feel like/ when I'm lazy- I always pump up my face and freshen up my outfit with a pop of color. I'm usually hitting up the sexy glittered reds and bright purples. But, every now and then, I'll pop on a tinted gloss.

5) Booty Wedges- This was my ultimate find in Korea. Can you beleive I came all the way to Korea to shop at a Payless? Well, freakin beleive it. It's practically impossible for me to find a shoe hear that fits me. GOD, I miss the endless supplies back home. If you're not a size 7 shoe and under, you're shit out of luck in Korea. And, the worst thing about it, is that Korean shoes are super cute! UGH. Well, lucky me- I went to Myeongdong in Seoul, with a gal pal, and we found the wonderfully adequate Payless. And, shoes in my size (FOR CHEAP). Best shopping that I've come across thus far in Korea.  My Christian Siriano booties are to die for, and are super comfy to boot!

xo Brit Sammy.

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