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Monday, August 19, 2013


Hello Loves,
So, I have another amazing find for you! It's the new Michael Kors perfume... you can smell like flowers, the ocean or even a glamorous movie vixen! You will love these slim sophisticated viles of flowing goodness... I can't get over how yummy they all are! Each scent also has its own name of course, starting from the left and moving to the right, we have Sporty Citrus, Sexy Amber, and Glam Jasmine.
My FAV has to be Sexy Amber, and it just so happens that I have recently dyed my hair a lovely hue of red so, HEY GIRL HEY!
Drop by your closest "The Bay" and you can find some lovely scents- not to mention get some awesome samples!!!

xo Brit Sammy.

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