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Friday, December 5, 2014


Hello Hello,
I hope everyone's December beginnings are going swell. I know these winter days sometimes get us down, so I have a lovely treat to brighten our days.

I was looking for some wonderfully cool, comfy, and winter proof soles for the blizzardous Canadian weather, not to mention- a great deal for a girl with a budget. And, what I found was better than ever!

Cougar boots which are not only winter approved, but they are super stylish and affordable! These boots retail for over $100 CAN in the mall and department store, but the awesome folks at DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse), in association with Town Shoes, have got them priced at an awesome $69.99! Plus the FREE shipping and easy returns aren't too shabby either!

Click the pick to take you to DSW's website, and find yourself a treat!

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xo Brit Sammy.